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Advanced Search Quick Start Guide

advanced ebay search how to use

Advanced search lets you narrow down your results, whether you’re looking for an item or a seller.

Here’s how to use:

  1. Select Search location

  2. Select a category

  3. Determine whether you are looking for an item or seller by activating the corresponding checkbox

  4. Insert search term

  5. Click Search

Customising your search preferences and your search results

Keywords or Seller´s ID
Advanced search: Item or seller
  • 🔎 Keywords - In the “Keywords or Seller´s ID” box, describe what you’re looking for.
    By default the checkbox "item" is activated.
    In most cases, you’ll enter words that describe the item and Ebay will search the item titles and other item specifics for listings that contain the words you entered. You can also search by ISBN (for books) or UPC (for DVDs, video games, and other products) or spare part number. For example, if you enter the ISBN 9780545010221, your search results will include all books titled: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

  • 🔎 Seller - Find items for sale by a particular seller, if you know the seller’s user ID. Limit your search results to only the sellers you include in the “Keywords or Seller´s ID” field. Separate individual sellers with the space bar. Make sure the checkbox "seller" is activated.

General search tips
Be careful when using and, or, and the Ebay's search engine searches for and, or, and the just like it would any other word. Use and, or, and the only if you're searching for items containing these words, such as Diana Ross and the Supremes or Truth or Dare.
Don't use extra punctuation. Only use punctuation in your search if you expect it to be in the item title or description for which you're searching. Examples include t-shirt, N-Sync and Dr. Watson.

Search for item by location
    Advanced search in this location
  • 🌐 Preferred location (Search in this location) - Using the location control at the top of the search form, you can choose from a list of participating locations in which to search preferentially.

    Advanced research in categories
  • [☰] Select category - To limit your search to a specific product category, just use the drop-down menu. Here you can choose from a list of Ebay's major item categories.

    Shipping available to
  • 📦 Shipping available to - Seller has indicated that they are willing to post to this country.

Keep out search results that include any keywords you specify
advanced ebay search exclude words

Exclude words from your search
To narrow your search, consider excluding words that shouldn’t appear in the item title. Suppose you are looking for a pommel horse for gymnastics, you might want to exclude items that have the word saddle or riding in the title. Or, if you enter pink in the exclusion field, all search results with the word pink will be excluded. If you enter hot pink in the field, all search results with both the word hot or the word pink will be excluded. You can add additional keywords by using the space bar.

Specifying the keywords order
advanced ebay search specify keywords order

Here’s what the options mean:

  • All words, any order searches the item titles for all the words you entered that appear in any order.
    Note: To find more matches, Ebay automatically expands your search to include words with the same meaning as the ones you entered. This is why for certain searches; additional items appear in the search results, even though all the keywords you entered are not in the title of the items. For example, when you type in the keyword audiobook, Ebay automatically includes the items from the audiobooks category even those items without the keyword audiobook in the title.

  • Any words, any order searches the item titles for any of the words you entered that appear in any order.

  • Exact words, exact order searches the item titles for the exact words you entered, in the exact order you entered them.

  • Exact words, any order searches the item titles for the exact words you entered, in any order.

When to use advanced search

With the advanced search, you can narrow your search based on additional criteria.

Here are a few of the ways you might want to refine or narrow your search:

  • Price range

  • Buying formats, including auction listings and fixed price listings (Buy It Now)

  • Time left before the listing ends

  • Number of bids

  • Postage options, including free postage or local pickup

  • Location, including items located near you to cut down on delivery times

  • Listings from your favorite sellers

  • Make a last-minute offer on listings that are ending soon

  • Find a listing using the item number

  • Look for completed listings